Make A Man Addicted To You

5 Powerful Tips To Make A Man Addicted To You

How do you make a man addicted to you?
How do you keep him, and how do you be sure he is not weary of being with you?

These questions are very common in women after having managed to attract the men they wanted.
So, here are some ideas to keep the man in love with you and to make him stick to you like a magnet.

Make a man addicted to you: Don’t lie to him

I hope that to charm your man, you haven’t lied to him about your past and intentions if that’s wrong. Because to keep him, it’s going to be complicated. Yep, the basis of a relationship is trust, honesty. If this was just a gap to attract him, it could be correctable. But it must not become a habit!
Let’s say you lied to him about a point or two about your tastes, your personality, or your past so as not to displease him. Try not to delay in telling him because that facilitates to enter a healthy and honest relationship.
You’ve lied! Never mind! All you have to do is put things right.

If you explain to him it was so that he is not disappointed, that he is a little more interested in you because you find him charming, he will understand. Even if he may doubt for a while, somehow lecture you if there is a time that doesn’t care much for you, he will forgive you.
For those who have been honest from the start, now is not the time to change! Stay and extend this relationship, which is certainly off to a good start.

Make a man addicted to you: Be Yourself

After honesty, this is another of the essential points for the survival of your relationship. By playing a role, pretending to like what your prince pleases, even if it is wrong, you will allure him and keep him interested until you are fed up with it.
Suddenly, when your naturalness comes back, he will find that in the end, you are not who he thought, and that is the risk of the end of your story.

Avoid this and be yourself from the start and keep building the momentum. Your man will be delighted to share his daily life with a woman who assumes she is who she is. And, you will feel good and will be all at your ease to do the maximum so that your relationship goes well.
Just remember, if you are comfortable with what you are doing, you will have more confidence in yourself. Men like to feel strong. So respect who you are, gain confidence in your personality, and get started in your relationship!

Don’t bet everything on sex

As a woman, we often have in mind to do: base the relationship on sex.
Yes, men want to have sex more often than us, but still. If it is a bond of the couple, as they say, it should not appear as an obligation, and sometimes it’s not enough.
If your relationship is purely sexual right now, and that’s okay with you, that’s great. But to make your man more interested, it might be time to think about having discussions, going out without it being an excuse for you to make love.

Without slowing your pace, without giving less importance to sex, vary your activities besides your sex positions. Let your man discover your passions: sport, sculpture, creating content on TikTok, whatever you want.
A block of cement alone is of no use if this image can convince you. It takes up space-time in our couple-life but is no help in any construction.

That’s how you make a man addicted to you.


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For those who, on the contrary, have not yet bet on sex, do not delay. Without forcing yourself because it is never good for you and the intercourse would only be less enjoyable. However, if you want to, if you feel ready, do not hesitate!

Don’t be stingy with your sexual desires and keep showing your man you desire him.
Men are so happy when we take the initiative to stroke them and kiss them sensually, and they will be more efficient in bed. So they know they make us happy. Otherwise, we wouldn’t want to do it again, which is very flattering to them.
And then, if you already assume the fact of wanting your man, which you show him, it will facilitate the future of your sexual relations: you will be more comfortable to talk about your fantasy and make it come true.

5 Powerful Tips To Make A Man Addicted To You THEGOODDATING.COM

Let him discover your personality

It is important not to give him access to your entire personality from the first week you are together. Already you may not know him and therefore are not sure whether he is worthy of it. But in addition, you may rush out of steam your chances of continuing to attract him to make him more interested in you.
If it’s important to show him you have different tastes than any other girl he’s met, there are a few things you need to save for later. In the beginning, tell him about your book, your favorite movie. This information, while being very intimate, remains a trivial question that, in the end, we often answer.


If, like in the movies, you play a musical instrument, wait until you invite him to your apartment so that he can discover it (prepare yourself for him to ask you to play a piece just for him like that, at the improvised – you will, of course, have reworked it quickly before).
If your passion is creating content, and you are an influencer on Instagram or TikTok with thousands of followers, don’t tell him right away. Wait until the right moment for this news to take effect and for him to appreciate it. Especially since he is relatively far from this field of activity.

These are only examples, but you necessarily have some little victories in your life deserving to be revealed to your prince. So, do it with moderation to keep the mystery side a bit.

Also, don’t jump into flaunting your painful personal stories too quickly. Wait until you hooked up your man for sure, so it doesn’t scare him away. So, tell him about your secret garden over time, little by little, as if it were a reward for your relationship, which is going well.

Make a man addicted to you: Take an interest in what he likes

Little by little, let him discover your personality and your tastes. But don’t invade the relationship and let him take his place. If Mr is shy and doesn’t dare talk about his desires, so ask him. Without passing for a nosy woman who insistently asks questions about his past and his passions.
Show him you would like to get to know him a little more. Set an example for him by revealing a few passions and let him take his time. Don’t rush him, but let him know he can trust you and open up to you.

After conquering his shyness, your man will be delighted to know that you are interested in his tastes and all that makes up his personality. Indeed, this means that you do not consider him such a sexual object but as a life partner with whom you would like to move forward. What could be better than feeling relevant to want to continue a relationship?

Without lying to him or lying to yourself, you can, over time, keep the interest of the man you are in a relationship with and make him more interested. Mysterious at first, give him access to your hidden sides. Be selfless and interested in what he does and plans to do. Try to have a balanced and healthy relationship. Thus, everything will turn out for the best.
Now you know almost everything about how to make a man addicted to you.

So good luck for today and good luck for tomorrow!

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