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30+ Flirty Texts To Drive A Man Mad With Desire

My dear, if you are looking for flirty texts ideas to surprise and excite your man, you have come to the right place.

Sexting is an ideal erotic message to spice up your life as a couple. But it is also, and above all, a spontaneous type of message. You cannot prepare a sext in advance. Improvise it!

And you know what? Men love it! The thing is, you have to know what to say and how.

Your man will have the pleasure of seeing you, hearing you, or touching you through his smartphone.

1- A sexy photo of you

Your man loves you, and he loves to see you, to look at you, to devour you with his eyes. Note also that most men are more visual while women are more cerebral.

You are free to take a photo in the pose and in the outfit you want. You can also send your man a picture of yourself naked or in lingerie. The only advice I give you here is never to send a picture of yourself showing your face.
For Sure, you and your man are madly in love with each other. But, for caution and safety reasons, send sexy photos of yourself without ever putting your face in them. You can add a little caption like “I’m waiting for you!” Or “do you like this lace? ” Or other.

Adapt according to what you’re wearing and if you send more sexy photos of yourself afterward, switch positions and outfits to vary the pleasures.

Also, by not putting your face on, you also avoid having to struggle to find the right expression… It is difficult to look like a hottie, and then, frankly, it is especially for your safety because if your private photos are leaked online, at least you’re fine without your face on it.

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2- Dirty text messages

No need to beat around the bush. Send your man a flirty text. For example :

” You excite me! “,

” I want you right now! “,

“Take me like a savage!”,

“Make me cum with your tongue!”,

“Fck me doggy style!”,

“I want to suck you off right now! “,

“I touch myself thinking of you!”,

“A quickie between noon and two? “

“I want you to come and take me apart!”

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3- The flashback flirty texts

As I told you, men are very visual. So if you send him a flashback text about a sexual relationship you had together, it’s going to drive him crazy with desire. For example :

“I loved the way you picked me up from behind yesterday! “

“I like it when you cum in my mouth like yesterday! “

“Still thinking back to yesterday, when you got me / when we [specify what you liked about him]! “

“Did you see how much I enjoyed yesterday when [specify what you are referring to]?” “

“My panties are wet thinking about last night with you …”

“I love it when you do this to me [specify what you mean]!”

Your man will love it when you compliment him on something he did to you that makes you so excited. He will want to do you good and find you even more!

4- Mouth-watering texts

Men love it when you provoke them to make them rock hard for you. The mouth-watering flirty texts are going to drive him crazy.

Tell your man what you plan to do when he gets home from work. Or what you would like him to do to you when you arrive at his place, etc. For example :

“I can’t wait for you to come home from work to rip your clothes off and have sex in the shower!”

“Lace bra. Red – You – Me. It will get warmer! “

“I am so excited that I will have a hard time waiting until tonight…”

“I want you so much there! Can’t wait for you to arrive! “

“I’m all excited to feel your tongue between my legs… Again! “

“Impossible to work! I think of you and our reunion tomorrow…”

“I dream of your hands caressing me and penetrating me… I’m all wet…”

“Tonight I’m going to start with dessert: You! “

“I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Tonight you can do whatever you want to me!”

That’s for short text messages.

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5- The erotic scenario text message

Now, you can also send longer and more detailed wild flirty texts like an erotic storyline. You can describe a scene that makes you fantasize (or that makes him fantasize) as:

“I’ll press you against the wall and then slowly unbutton your shirt, kissing you languidly… Then I’ll go down slowly, licking your chest, and then your belly…”

“I’ll be on my knees to unbutton your pants and pull down your underpants to grab your cock with my hot and wet mouth!”

“You will start to moan with pleasure as I give you that blowjob you love so much …”

“Do you want to know the rest, or do you prefer to wait until tonight?”

6- The improvised flirty texts

You are in the same room or the same space (more or less large environment) as your man. You are right next to each other, on a sofa, at the table, or in different rooms. In short, you have a way of being together.

You send him a message like:

“How about you pick me up, right now?”

“By the way, I don’t wear panties under my dress… are you coming?”

“I want you right now. Meet [at such-and-such a place, specify where] right away! “

“I’m dying to suck you off right now. Meet me here [specify location] now! “

“I want to tear off that costume and have you take me like a savage! “

“I want you to put your hand under my skirt and pull off my pantyhose to take me hard! Come quickly! “

“Fck me. Here and now.” (Great if you are both on your sofa or at the table in your living room, etc.)

“I want to feel you inside me. Come back quickly! “

“You’re the only one who makes me cum like that!” I want more! Come back here!”

“I’m in the bath, I touch myself thinking of you… Are you joining me?”

7- Romantic sexy text messages

You don’t always have to be hardcore (although your man likes it, know that!). You can also use romantic text messages now and then. Like :

“I miss you! I want to feel you against me…”

“I’m thinking of you! I can’t wait to meet you again! “

“Hurry up! I need to kiss right now…”

With these flirty text messages, you have enough to drive him mad with desire.

But, there is a bonus.

8- Flirty texts: Long version message

Here is a text message I received from one of my ex-girlfriends that could inspire you:
“I can’t wait to feel you against me. To share an immense pleasure and feel your body quivering. The contact of our two bodies which stick, caress each other, of our mouths that exchange dirty talk and do dirty sex. The intensity of the orgasm makes you feel a wave of pleasure run through your whole body until it makes it tremble. Come to your sweetheart and make this happen with a wave of feelings through hot and thick cum like whipped cream.
I miss you! I want to feel you against me… “

Remember, however, that you should not abuse it. The flirty texts’ secret and effect are that they must surprise your man. They shouldn’t become habitual because he will get bored with them and so will you.

You can use them from time to time and vary them. Have fun, treat yourself and make your man happy too.

He will love it and so will you! But, never force yourself! Especially if you’re uncomfortable with it or don’t feel like it.

Among these romantic flirty text messages, which one is your favorite? If you have any other ideas, share them in the comments!

I am curious to discover your imagination.

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