Attract And Keep A Man

20+ Ultimate Tips To Attract And Keep A Man (Part 1)

I will develop in this article (divided into two parts) over twenty tips that I think are essential to attract and keep a man, besides making him crazy about you.

How to attract a man? It is a vast subject and a difficult choice.

In fact, all women have a high charm potential: You have in your hands the keys for attracting all men. But maybe you don’t dare, or you need a little booster shot.

For most of these techniques, and I’m sure you already know them. But there you go, you seem to be afraid of them, or maybe you just forgot them between work, shopping, and busy life.

So let’s take a few minutes to straighten things out and make sure you attract the one who secretly makes your heartbeat. Make yourself comfortable and take notes. As always, you can comment at the end of the article to let me see your feedback. Let’s go.

How to attract and keep a man: 4 principal tips

Have you ever noticed that chick who isn’t particularly charming but has loads of men approaching her and hitting on her constantly?

So, I know you don’t want to date just anyone.

But I’m sure you’ve already met or known a woman who fits this description. She attracts men without even lifting a finger. Simply!

How is it possible? What makes her so irresistible? I’ll tell you this so that you can attract a good man. A man you like!

1- Learn to understand men by studying people

If you want to find and maintain a lasting relationship, you must first learn to understand men.

And the key to understanding men is to study their behavior. What attracts men? What makes them attractive?

On TGD, our understanding of men and women comes from observation. So, I want you to think like this.

When you notice that a man attracted you, really try to understand why.

Maybe you have a male friend, and he’s attracted to another woman. So, find out what attracts him to her and what she does to keep him.

Be curious about this. When you understand this, you will figure out attraction on a complex level, and you will know how to create it yourself.

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2- Be comfortable with rejection

A man can’t fall in love with you if he doesn’t meet you. But the truth is, you probably will not fall for the first guy you meet.

You might not even fall for the seventh. Therefore, you need to be comfortable with rejection. That is normal. Take it lightly, as a swipe left.
Girls rejected me dozens of times in my life, just like anyone who’s ever tried something worthwhile.

It might sound crazy, but it’s the rejection that will guarantee your results. Losing the fear means you won’t lose any more opportunities. When you pause Netflix, get up from your sofa, and step outside, “the right one” might be out there somewhere.

Isn’t that exciting ?!

3- Believe that men want to fall in love

It is perhaps the biggest and the most surprising idea of all.

Wherever you go, remember: just like you, men want to be amazed. They want to be approached by a superb woman; they want to be in a relationship, and they want to fall in love. The world is working with you in this direction.

All you have to do is become the woman men want to fall in love with.

Learn more about it in a moment

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4- Create value to become the woman men fall in love with

Value is something we all inherently have as human beings. But people measure the value they perceive, not the value people have.

One of our greatest gifts is that we can create value.

Well, let’s say you’re in a bar and some guy next to you offers you a shot, “Hey, my friends and I are on a shot tour. Do you want one? “

You can say: “Yes, thanks!” or you can take it a step further.

Instead, you could say: “You know what, I won’t take a shot, but I will take a Gin cocktail if you can give it to me.”

So, you still participate in the party, but you do it on your terms.

Right away, you created self-value as a woman with a simple sentence.

That was a modest example that I just gave, but there are much brighter ways to create value.

These specific skills elevate your level to how you want men to treat you like you deserve and what makes you feel confident and in control.

Once you learn these techniques, men will immediately arise and be careful because this behavior sets you apart from all the other women who will lower their demands for having a guy.

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How your mind can help to attract and keep a man

Your mind reflects an image of your personality and the waves you communicate, so you have a vested interest in them being positive.

5- Manage your mood

Making your mood a priority is key to helping you attract the right guy. Why?

Because women who are happy and show it, instinctively, attract men.

So when you’re in a good mood, sir feels that pleasant energy when he’s around you.

In short, all you need to do is put yourself in a positive and pleasant state of mind so that your mood is as positive as possible.

6- Have fun!

Do things you love, things that make you feel good, and have fun!

Take the time to have fun times in your life so that you can relax, laugh, and have fun. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you have fun.

Whether it’s going out with your friends, spending time with your family, doing something on your own. Do yourself some good body and soul!

If you are having fun and are genuinely happy, it will automatically make you more attractive to that man you like.

It’s something that you cannot force nor play as much as you are, fully and naturally.

7- Don’t compare yourself to other women

I understand that sometimes you compare yourself to other women and other people in a more holistic way. You tell yourself if you had this more or that less, you would be happier and more comfortable.

Well, I urge you to stop it right now!

When you compare yourself, the only things you get out of it are frustration and grief, for nothing.

The best you can do is to be the best version of yourself and focus on what you can control and improve to feel good or better. Trust me!

8- Do what’s right for you

You may have read or even heard that to attract a man, wear an outfit in which you are not at all comfortable. Or do things that don’t suit you at all.

Rest assured, you don’t have to do any of this.

Do what’s right for you, not what makes you uncomfortable or wrong.

If you do or wear something that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll feel it right away, and so will the guy, and this won’t help you at all.

Be comfortable in hoping to attract that man you like. Do nothing that doesn’t make you feel good.

9- Better Know Yourself

Know who you are!

Self-discovery is an ongoing process that we all go through in our lives. We are growing and constantly changing.

Knowing yourself is essential for you to be attractive. Get to know yourself, and it will also make you feel more confident and comfortable in your life and your body.

That means it is beneficial for you to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you identify what you can do and what you cannot do, naturally.

Knowing yourself better is also what will allow men to know you better.


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Attract A Man And Keep A Man

How your appearance will attract the man you like

You already know that your physical appearance matters for attracting a man you like.

You may already know it, but just in case, let me remind you: men are visual beings.

Whether or not you like it, men are more receptive to some physical things than others.

10- Take care of your makeup

You need to take care of your makeup. But, if you are not a makeup fan, then take care of your face, its cleanliness, and its radiance.

If you wear makeup, I’m not telling you at all that you have to put on a lot, let alone apply something that doesn’t look right on you. Take it easy with makeup!

If you are unrecognizable between your made-up appearance and your natural appearance, it may harm you.

So, of course, all tastes favor what is natural.

As a man, I can tell you that a woman is much more attractive naturally. Or, put on little makeup, not with three coats of foundation and false eyelashes.

You can wear makeup, of course, but take care of how you apply makeup without going overboard or overdoing it.

Also, if you know that your best assets are your eyes, then focus on your eyes on the spot. Else, if it’s your mouth, the same thing. But overall, don’t overload.

11- Sport and healthy food

So, let’s be okay right now: I advise against doing any weight-loss diet. Nothing will benefit you if you deprive yourself or if you feel frustrated about anything.

But, you might eat healthy food and exercise. Even if it’s just walking for at least 1 hour each day, keep moving your body so that you feel good and stay fit.

Don’t try to be thin if that’s not your body type, anyway. And then, frankly, not all men care about thinness.

Men know how to love a woman, regardless of her thinness and regardless of her curves. (Remember your state of mind!)

So now, if you regularly eat junk food, not only will you feel bad, but your skin will make it pop too.

You are what you eat. So you might as well do things right for your body, for your mind, and especially for your health.

12- Select your clothes

The way you dress makes all the difference in attracting the man you like.

The first thing is that you should feel good about what you are wearing. Your clothes should fit perfectly and show off well.

Don’t change your style to force yourself to “look like…”. Not only keep your style but also take care of it. And don’t hesitate to ask for help around you for advice.

Always have a detail that makes you attractive: A sweetheart neckline, a short pencil skirt, etc.

No need to overdo it. Instead, play with details, colors, cuts, accessories, etc.

13- Take care of your toilet

Take care of your toilet: your hygiene, your hairstyle, and your smell.
By the way, take it easy on perfumes! Men are not fond of strong-smelling perfumes.

In addition, if you mix several smells, it is even worse: perfume, deodorant, products for your hair, body milk, etc. Of course, it is essential that you smell good but do not bathe in your perfume bottle.
Well, I think with all of that, you’re armed to attract that man you like.

However, I would still like to know what you think about it. Also, tell me how things went with Mr.

To be continued >>>

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