Attract A Man And Keep Him

20+ Ultimate Tips To Attract A Man And To Keep Him

I have already given you thirteen tips to improve your charm potential to attract a man and drive him crazy about you.

If you came across this part first, take a few minutes to read Part 1 to keep the ideas flowing because how to attract a man is an immense topic and needs consistency

Make yourself comfortable and take notes.

It’s done! Let’s go, then.

Man-melting Words to attract him

In this part, I’ll give you words and phrases to slip into your conversations with the men you want to attract. The idea is simple: Bet on the subconscious and subtle flirting.

Let’s go!

#14: Independence

Men are crazy about independent women. So point that out in your conversation, and trust me, it will ring in his head as a positive wake-up call that is sure to put you to your advantage.

You can bring the subject of independence in different ways:

  • Tell your man about your past and the circumstances which brought you to your independence.
  • Glorify all the benefits of your life as an independent woman.

Be careful, however, not to overdo it at the risk of making him think you would rather be alone than with a man!

Find the right balance to showcase yourself thanks to your independence. You like it because you miss nothing and because you take care of yourself and your expenses.

#15: Good

To attract any man you choose, the word “good” is remarkably effective: “I feel good!” – ” I am a good community manager!” – “It’s good to be with you!”. In short, using the word “good” will always be associated with well-being and positive vibes.

That stands to reason that a man will not resist a woman who feels good about herself and her life, so do you see?
Very well! “It’s good to know more about you!” and with that, dear, you will enchant and attract any man you want.

#16: Self-confidence

A man has always been and definitely will be attracted to a self-confident woman. No need to be vain, since it will have no positive effect on you!

You can swipe that you have confidence in yourself, or you have confidence in your choices, in life, etc.
Using the word “confidence” is a real weapon of mass charming to attract any man you choose.

Like the independence we talked about above, confidence is an essential point that a man will always find satisfying in a woman’s personality.

#17: Positive

Tell him you are a positive woman, that you see your glass half full and that you always look on the bright side. Being positive is synonymous with strength and well-being.

A man will always prefer a positive woman to a negative one. First, this is a significant point for your morale, his, and any morale of the couple you might form together. Then, your optimism will always show strength in later hard times, and you know men are much more sensitive and affected than women.

Your positive side is a big plus you need to show to attract any man you wish.

#18: Recognition

Show him you are grateful for all you have and have become today professionally. Tell him you’re thankful to your family and your friends. You might even be grateful sometimes to your ex who, if he didn’t break up with you, you wouldn’t be sitting there with someone better.

Your recognition is synonymous with maturity and a healthy mind. You take nothing for granted, and that goes for this gentleman who will be on the verge of falling for you when he understands this message.

Your gratitude is also important because the man you are courting will know that you are a woman who admits your wrongs and with whom it is quite possible to communicate [this is such important detail].

#19: Respect

Let him know you are a self-respecting woman who respects others, especially this gentleman in front of you. Bring up persons or situations that you particularly respected because they touched you or affected your life and your outlook.

Also, tell him you respect differences and don’t want everyone to be like you at all costs (to show your humility).

#20: Freedom

This notion is relative, but you are a free woman, and it is important to tell him that. The word “freedom” is so seductive and makes him even more eager to listen to you.

Your freedom allows you to live the life you want as you see fit. You are the master of your freedom, and there is no doubt that the gentleman will want to join your freedom to enjoy it too.

#21: No

Avoid always agreeing with him and know how to say “no!”. Show that you do not swallow all his words blindly and that you know how to defend your opinions.

His words have never been a sacred text.

A woman who always agrees with a man is frankly not attractive. Men like women who have their opinion, and who know how to argue by explaining why saying “no!” The “no” is the accurate translation of your strength of character, which makes a man melt unanimously.

#22: Friendship

It is relevant to talk about friendship because, again, your independence should not make you think you are spending your life on your own.

Indeed, your best friend (s) has a meaningful place in your life and should be part of your conversation. Especially since men have their friends too and you know how important they are to them too.

It will also mean that even if you are in a relationship, you will always allow yourself time only with friends and not necessarily all the time as a couple.
A woman and a man need time apart with their respective friends and sometimes all together, but it is important to stress that your friends have a place in your life and understand that this is the case for your (future) man.

#23: Sex

The subject of sex is essential, but it is a subject to be brought up with a lot of tact [no pun intended!].
Indeed, you will not talk about point-blank sex and ask him about his favorite Kamasutra positions.

Commonly, a gentleman will give you the honor of broaching the subject. If so, it’s up to you to feel the right time and start talking about it when you’re in the middle of a human relationship discussion, for example.

You will talk about your past relationships, respectively, so this might be one of the ideal times to launch the subject. Don’t play the fat hottie if you’re hoping for something serious in return.
Thus, take an interest in him and his experiences to understand his state of mind and his tastes. He will also question you, so be sure to ask him things you shouldn’t be shy about in return.

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It’s your turn to attract a man

You will understand, there are a thousand and one ways to allure a man. It’s up to you to find what can make you unique in his eyes. It’s up to you to bring out your best assets to attract him to you and seduce him.

History is full of seductive women who have made the powerful of this world mad with love, thanks to their talent. For example, Cleopatra, despite her well-groomed appearance, was not beautiful.
However, she knew how to attract the most powerful man of her time.

Madame de Pompadour quickly became the king’s favorite thanks to her fiery character and ability to surprise. It was her spirit that transported Aspasia to become Pericles’ mistress.
And there are plenty of examples. Just believe a little in this spark that will make all the difference. You are all magnificent.

There are no horrible women. However, some women do not have self-confidence, some women do not know how to value themselves, some women cannot attract men out of fear of their potential.

So, Don’t be one of them. Accept to take initiatives and also control the attraction.

As I keep repeating, we are in the 21st century. It has been a long time since women are no longer dependent on male domination, dare to take the lead, and capsize the heart of the person you like.

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Good luck and get in touch!

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