Signs Your Man Is In Love With You

10 Powerful Signs Your Man Is In Love With You

Here are the big questions for all women in relationships: How do you know if your man is in love with you? Are you quite crazy about him? Are you sure if it is mutual?
It is normal to ask, and above all, to request answers. Your man has everything to please you, and there, just thinking of him, you have that smirk and the desire to be with him.

No doubt, you are in love with him, but what about him? How can you find the answer to your question? What if your man isn’t in love with you, after all? What if he’s madly in love with you?
I intend to help you see more clearly, my dear. Believe me! Some signs don’t lie. And then, who better than a man can tell you if yours is in love with you or not?

10 signs that your man is in love with you

Just thinking of him, you have butterflies in your stomach, a blissful smile on your face, stars in your eyes. This time for sure, you are in love, and we have to admit it, it is even mad love.

But some details haunt you: you want to know if your man is in love with you and how to decipher the signs of a man in love.
That is far from being a novelty in a couple’s life. We can even say that it’s a great classic.

It’s even very healthy to be almost obsessed with these details.
So don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the answer. Because yes, it is you who will find it by analyzing your man’s attitude, his way of acting with you, and his way of being.

So I suggest you, once again, make a little descent into the male subconscious to have the impression that men are a species apart that you have trouble understanding.

As always, you will see the famous answer to “How to know if your man is in love with you?” is through 10 simple points but undeniable signs that will tell you what your loved one feels about you.

I’m going to get to the core with these ten signs that prove he’s in love with you:

#1 Mr is frail with you

If the gentleman is frail with you, that he takes on the tones of a kid or even a baby when he speaks to you, no doubt, he is in love with you.

A man in love has no difficulty and no embarrassment in being vulnerable and fragile towards the woman he loves. Looking at you tenderizes him, and his completely little voice proves he is crazy about you.

He even goes so far as to smile and laugh like a fool, thinking of you or watching you do or say something. If your man is flimsy around you, it is because he feels comfortable with you and that he feels good.

#2 He is interested in you and listens to you

If your guy is interested in you and listens to you, he is clearly in love with you. If he asks you to know you better and if he listens to your answers carefully, it is because he loves you.

A man who only talks about himself all the time, he doesn’t love you.

Of course, he can sometimes miss attention if you talk to him about things that are a little too girly, like reality TV shows or shopping. That said, for girls’ subjects, luckily your girlfriends are there for that.

#3 He shares his privacy with you

A man who shares his intimacy with you is that he trusts you.

In other words, a man does not share his privacy with just anyone, and he is even more careful with women.

Your man trusts you, and he’s most definitely in love with you if he lets you know when he tells you personal things about him. And if he demands your opinion on close things to his heart or even on trivial matters.

#4 He tells you the stories about his past

He does not hesitate to tell you what he went through before meeting you: His family stories, his love stories, his most personal stories, etc.

He even tells you the most shameful anecdote of his high school years.

In short, if you weren’t there during his youth or his college years, he wants to talk to you about it as if you were there. He loves you, without a doubt!

#5 He is physically close to you

If your guy is physically close to you, he’s tactile and cuddly and always finds an excuse to touch you; it’s because he’s in love with you.

He is generous with affection and tenderness towards you. It’s clear you fully crack him up, and he wants to show it to you, naturally and effortlessly.

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#6 He loves everything about you

When you have a terrible cold, your nose all red, wrapped in your plaid, your eyes watery and feverish, Mr still loves you, takes care of you, and no matter if you infect him.
Even when you feel depressed, cranky, and irritable as your menstrual period approaches, he comforts you and takes care of you.

He loves everything about you, even when you are not to your advantage.

#7 He accompanies you in your pursuit of happiness

Your man will never stop you from being happy, on the contrary. He cares about your happiness, and he proves it to you.
If you get the opportunity of going on a humanitarian mission for weeks in Africa, well, he will encourage you to make your dream come true. Even if that means being away from each other for a while, what matters is your happiness.

You may know it, but the hardest thing for a man in love is the long-distance relationship, and there are many examples of men who could not continue after a while, so it’s a perfect exercise to know if he supports you all the way.

#8 He wants to please you

A man who isn’t in love won’t take his mind off you at all. However, if your man wants to please you, that changes the game. If something would make you happy, he does it to make you happy.

Well, be careful, let’s not go to extremes and be reasonable with your wishes, because if he can’t afford something, that doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you.
And remember, if he makes concessions to please you, that is because he loves you.

#9 He integrates you at all levels

Your man wants to spend time with you when you are the two of you. Then he wants to meet your loved ones (family and friends) and spend time with you and them, too.

Finally, he wants to introduce his entourage to you as well and that you spend time together. If a guy loves spending time with you but doesn’t want to meet your loved ones or introduce his people, he’s not in love with you.

#10 He does projects with you

So there, my dear, if Mr is making plans with you, it is because he sees himself with you.
A man who is in love makes plans. A man who is not in love has no future projects with you. It’s that simple.

Whether it’s going to the movies next week, going on vacation in three months, or applying for your first home loan together, he loves you for sure.

Undeniable Signs That a Man Is In Love With You

How to identify the signs of a man in love

Now that you have ten signs proving that he is in love with you, how to analyze these signs? How to decrypt them?

I give you some leads.

With men like these, it’s difficult to know: How to react? What to do when you’re with him? And what to allow yourself?

While they don’t make it easy for you by clearly telling you how they feel about you, the fact remains that they are all giving you signals, often against their will.
That is what will allow you to decipher the feelings of the man who interests you.

Let your mind observe and analyze, but with complete discretion. You shouldn’t ruin a relationship by taking the man you like as an experiment.

If you are among those who are afraid of over-interpreting the signals, ask one or two very respectable and faithful relatives or friends. They will help you know if he is really in love or just a smooth talker.

He only has an eye for you

A man in love adores you. He talks about you, looks at you, and wants to please you.

In short, he only has eyes for you. Concretely, how do these lovely words translate? First, he searches for your company. Even if there is no reason at first glance, he will know how to find one.

And that, not necessarily on weekends because all his friends went skiing when he had an important meeting on Friday night, late. He texts you during the week and offers you to watch a movie or to go for a drink, or to visit your new neighbors. He has not only great ideas, but he’s showing you he wants to see you.

Please don’t dismiss him, and if you find him taking a long time to show up, hand him a pole, but only once. It’s up to him to take his chance.

A man in love wants to be with you, and when you’re not around, he can’t help but talk about you and compliment you.

So his friends already know you before they meet you. They know you are a vegetarian, a crafts artist, or know your passion for berry smoothies with a chocolate cake.

It is also possible that his family already knows you too, but be careful, at this level all men do not go so quickly: family is not like friends.

Well, he is proud to see you; he talks about you; puts you forward, and if you are already together, he assumes, gripping your hand, presenting you as his life partner.

He never belittles your relationship.

He’s not quite himself anymore

Indeed, a man in love changes.

At first, he is no longer quite himself. For example, it is enough that he thinks of you or sees you so that the smile reappears on his lips.
He smiles in the morning, in the evening, at noon. In short, he smiles because love carries him. But isn’t it even cuter like that?

Well, of course, he also may have moments when his morale drops a little because of professional or personal bad news. He is not unmoved, either.

And then, with no slack, how could you take care of him a little and focus on strengthening the intimacy between you?

The man in love is no longer quite himself. He evolves and seeks to please you. If he does not take special care of himself, he will make an effort.
If he already did, he will redouble his efforts to conquer you more. He seeks to please you physically and intellectually.

He necessarily changes because he tries to discover your universe. Who knows, maybe he’ll even detect a new passion that you both can share.

With all this to conquer you, he even makes concessions.

He misses the Super Bowl that he was eagerly awaiting to accompany you to a party where you will present it to all your friends. Or he gets up early on the first day of the sales to accompany you among the crowds he usually hates. But be careful not to expect too much from him.

He makes some concessions and does not sacrifice his life and his passions for you, your relationship, and your love. Otherwise, it’s because there’s a small problem, and he’s looking for a loophole in your relationship. And then, let’s be honest, for things to work, he also has to introduce you to his world.

Even if the man you like, and whose feelings you are looking to discover, is usually shy and not very expansive in terms of his feelings, he will evolve and despite himself show you signs of affection, besides all those whom we just saw. He will look at you, try to get physically closer to you by running his hand on the back of your neck, for example.

Your guy will also have little attention for you, a post-it on the fridge, a text message, or a gift, for no apparent particular reason. He is also going to speak kind and tender words to you.

In addition, He will seek to protect you. In short, he will discreetly and subtly reveal his feelings towards you. Be aware of all these minor changes. These important little details prove that your man is deeply in love with you.

But don’t make him notice them too much. He might close in on himself and pay attention to everything he does.

10 Powerful Signs Your Man Is In Love With You


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What else do you need to know about a man in love?

A man in love is not an acquired man. Yes, of course, he loves you, but be careful not to take your man for granted, on the contrary.
He will feel it, and he won’t like it.

Do you also want the man you love to attract you? Well, for a man, it’s the same.

For example, it is impossible to consider a couple without sex. It’s not just that, of course, but sex is essential in a couple’s life, as much for the man as for the woman.

Besides, I have an anecdote to tell you:

David and Amber have been married for ten years. They are still young, in their thirties, and they have two children. They are in love, and their couple is stable. Sometimes there have difficulties for sure. It’s been a few days that the couple has been tense and can not communicate without arguing.

One evening, David comes home from work and gets closer to Amber to make love to her. She gets angry and screams: “Damn, but you think about that!”

And, the result of the races, another dispute.

However, Amber did not understand is that David came home overworked and could not see the end.

He had trouble talking to her about it, and for him, his comfort was having sex with his lover. In short, all this is to tell you that men and women do not work the same way, even if they are in love.

A man like David can show his love and need for comfort by desiring his wife and having a moment of intimacy with her.

No, men don’t just think of sex, but they’re often finding or seeking comfort from the woman they love when they can’t find the words to express it.

And then, it’s still amazing that a man desires his wife after a decade of marriage and two children, right?

‘Love… is a deep unity maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit!’ – C.S. Lewis

‘Love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself!’ – John Lennon

10 Powerful Signs Your Man Is In Love With You


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It’s your turn

With all of this, you could tell if your man is in love with you or not.

If you have any doubts, he probably isn’t, or you need even more help from a third party. But don’t put the cart before the horse and be patient.

Sometimes, some men take longer to show that they are in love because they, too, like some women, are protecting themselves.

Wounds from the past may slow your pace, but one thing will never betray you: your instincts. Listen to your instincts, trust your inner voice, and don’t hesitate to communicate with your partner to find out more.

If your man answers most of these points, if not all, then yes, you will have the answer to the question “How do you know if he is in love?”. Indeed, several points still need to be clarified.

First, we must not forget that love is an uncertain feeling that can evolve, intensify, or unlikely fade away.

We must, therefore, not lose sight of the fact that even if your man, today, is madly in love with you, maybe his feelings change or even disappear. So it’s crucial to nurture your relationship and keep your flame strong for the long haul.

Second, being in love does not mean being stupid or blind or glued to the person 24/7. So give him some freedom, be honest with him, and don’t change who you are.

Finally, no matter what, a man and a woman don’t react the same way, especially in love, so don’t expect him to do what you would do out of love.

That doesn’t mean the feeling isn’t there. It just means that your partner will react to the feelings differently than you do. So don’t start pressuring him or doubting him every two seconds.

Do not forget that if you have other questions, I am at your disposal to answer them and help you pierce the minds of men, and maybe even I can help you with more points that seem thorny to you.

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